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Define Service(s) 

  • - Single or Multiple Repairs
  • - String Option
  • - Grip and/or Grommet
  • - Racquet Frame Balancing





Ship Racquet

  • - Use simple Mylar pouch from WalMart or shipping store.
  • - Use USPS First Class (under 13oz) should cost about $3.50.
  • - Don't worry about padding... it's already broke!
  • - Save on Shipping by grabbing your friends broken racquets and
    send using larger box!


Repairs on average take 2-3 weeks to complete after we receive your racquet(s)...If  the break is on the corner of the racquet, the other corner is most likely not too far behind!  For additional $15, we will make same repair to both sides.

FAQ: How much weight does a repair add and can I feel it ?  Each repair typically adds 0-3.5 grams weight. (a penny weighs 3.11 grams)  Most clients say that they can't feel any difference however, if you make repair to both sides, the racquet will remain balanced.